sysutils/diskcheckd needs fixing and a maintainer

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Aug 17 14:54:35 UTC 2011

> From:		Chris Rees <utisoft at> 
> Date:		Wed, 17 Aug 2011 12:18:05 +0100 
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Chris Rees wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to clear some PRs from freebsd-ports-bugs, and I've found
> that sysutils/diskcheckd is in need of some attention.
> It doesn't appear to have been developed (or maintained) since 2001,
> and has a PR associated with it that looks a little tricky (koitsu@
> has attempted to investigate a similar of these a while ago).
> I've set it DEPRECATED to expire in two months, after which I'm going
> to remove it if it's not fixed...

I browsed the 2 URLs. 
It seems extreme to remove a port, just to close those send-prs.
Better to leave the port marked as having some run errors in some
circumstances, that we dont have manpower for, but leave port in

Many are not accustomed to look in Attic.  If its still in tree
others may find it, & port any newer version.

At least it compiles.  If removed, some people who look for such a
tool might not know it exists & already ported. Fixing a tool that
has already been easily found & built, is easier than
finding, porting & fixing.  

Those who have been helped by a pre-existant ports/ Makefile are
more likely to contribute a replacement upgrade.  Those that have
to do their own finding & porting are less likely to contribute
their upgrade.

If you'r trying to force find/ blackmail ;-) a MAINTAINER, you could also ask:
	freebsd-fs at 
+ those who filed the 2 x send-pr 
	Jeremy Chadwick <koitsu at>
	Vincent Poy <vincepoy at>
I guess you already notified creator
	David W. Chapman Jr. (dwcjr at

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