FreeBSD Port: spidermonkey-1.7.0

dsh daniel.haischt at
Thu Aug 11 15:07:07 UTC 2011


I intend to create an Apache Tuscany (native) port for FreeBSD. Apache
Tuscany uses the newly introduced JSON API which is available in
Spidermonkey libmozjs 1.8.5 [1]. Would it be possible to upgrade the
existing SpiderMonkey 1.7.0 port or would it make more sense to
introduce an additional spidermonkey185 port that would exist in

I already started creating the port descriptor files for an additional
spidermonkey185 port but I am stuck right now at a point where the
compiler bails out because it doesn't find a header file that would be
found if compiling SpiderMonkey 1.8.5 standalone on FreeBSD without
using the ports infrastructure. I would appreciate some guidance on
the above question and on the actual port I created so far if you
would say it does make sense to go ahead with an additional
spidermonkey185 port instead of updating the existing one.



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