PREFIX is not honored for dependencies

b. f. bf1783 at
Sat Aug 6 18:28:42 UTC 2011

>Yes you are right gperf and vigra-config dependencies are wrong in that
>I didn't see it because it is fixed in the short coming 3.4.2.
>I'm focus on it sorry

It is just a minor detail that I mentioned in passing, perhaps
something the maintainers could adjust together with their next
update, if they want to: I don't think that you need to worry about
it.  It may help to use just the basename if someone wants to provide
an alternative dependency, but that is not very common with these two
ports, and someone can do this by other means if they so desire.  In
any event, changes like this won't solve all of our problems with
correctly registering alternative dependencies, and it won't allow the
OP to use multiple PREFIXes/LOCALBASEs without trouble if he has
conflicting registered shared libraries in both.

I think the others are right in saying that LOCALBASE should be
mentioned in the manpage, together with the pitfalls of PREFIX !=
LOCALBASE, and of trying to use more than one PREFIX or LOCALBASE


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