ghostscript8 vs. ghostscrip9 conflict during portupgrade

b. f. bf1783 at
Fri Aug 5 16:53:15 UTC 2011

> Seems like some ports depend on ghostscript8 whereas other depend on
> ghostscript9. Unfortunately both ghostscript variants can't coexist on
> the same system. To be specific:
> I've got ghostscript8 installed (ghostscript8-8.71_8) which is
> required by a bunch of ports as per "pkg_info -Rx ghostscript8". When
> running "pkgdb -F" it wants to install ghostscript9 since ImageMagick
> depens on ghostscript9:

The only ports that really need ghostscript8 will have a
GHOSTSCRIPT_PORT entry pointing to print/ghostscript8 (I don't think
there are any such ports at this time) -- otherwise they just happen
to depend upon it because they were built with a non-default,
user-defined WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_VER value, or were built before the
default ghostscript port was changed to print/ghostscript9.

Problems like this are what the "-o" switches are for, in portmaster
and portupgrade --read the manpage of the utility that you prefer,
including the examples sections.  Also, you should get in the habit of
reading the recent additions to ports/UPDATING.

If you are using portupgrade, you should probably do something like:

portupgrade -o print/ghostscript9 print/ghostscript8
portupgrade -rfx ghostscript9 ghostscript


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