How are [MAINTAINER] patches handled and why aren't PRs FIFO?

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Thu Apr 28 11:04:25 UTC 2011

On Wed, 27 Apr 2011 16:42:26 -0700
Charlie Kester <corky1951 at> articulated:

> On Wed 27 Apr 2011 at 16:15:19 PDT Jerry wrote:
> >
> >Following through on that logic, only the highest priority items
> >would ever get done. Since there is a never ending list of things
> >that have to be done at any given time, the lowest priority ones
> >would never get any attention. 
> Which is as it should be, if it's true that we're faced with
> insufficient resources.

I hope, no, I pray that one of your PR's falls into that category. I
can't wait to see how long it takes your ass to get online bitching and
moaning about the lack of attention given to your trivial submission.

> The problem is that we don't have any objective way to determine
> priorities.  Instead we leave this up to the personal interests and
> whims of the people involved -- maintainers AND committers.

If you had actually been paying attention rather than cherry picking
assignments you would have noticed that this thread was about
implementing a more effective protocol for handling submissions. The
axiomatic statement, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." by Thomas
Paine would seem apropos.

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