How are [MAINTAINER] patches handled and why aren't PRs FIFO?

MFL Commissioner mfl-commissioner at
Wed Apr 27 19:18:39 UTC 2011

On 4/27/2011 8:55 PM, Chris Rees wrote:
> I honestly don't think that there's much wrong with the system as it
> is; once you get better at making submissions, taking time to read the
> Porter's Handbook your patches become committed more and more quickly.
> Chris
Come on.  There's no relationship between quality of the patch and when 
it's picked up by a commiter.  I ran my patch through tinderbox until 
was right, and it's not like that made a difference.  There is no way to 
tell the quality without taking a real look.

There's plenty wrong with the current system.  The real question is 
what's the most practical way to address it.


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