saving a few ports from death

Chip Camden sterling at
Wed Apr 27 18:46:30 UTC 2011

Quoth Eitan Adler on Wednesday, 27 April 2011:
> > What is not broken -- just old, like  databases/db2 or www/apache13*, for
> > example -- should be left alone (until it becomes both broken and
> > unmaintained). And even then, the removal should not be
> > mass-scale/automatic...
> This recent sweep was neither mass scale nor automatic.
> 536/22816 ports is only 3.234% of all the ports. Furthermore bapt@,
> myself, and a few other people went through each of the categories
> ensuring the projects were actually dead (not necessarily that the
> distfile couldn't be found). Then bapt@ marked the ports *deprecated*
> which does not mean deleted. It was a warning that people who were
> interested should step up and take up the work. If after N amount of
> time no one does so they will be individually deleted.
> > Maybe, for cleanliness and neatness, we should have a separate directory
> > (and category): "obsolete" -- where ports can go to die peacefully. But it
> > should not be cvs' "Attic"...
> Who will be the ones to deal with that category, ensuring new
> infrastructure works, etc? The port maintainer? oh wait!
> cvs's Attic can be easily restored if people take up the slack. I see
> no reason to change this policy.
> -- 
> Eitan Adler

Modifying the script that was posted earlier, we can list out all
installed ports that are currently deprecated, and why:

for file in `pkg_info -oxa | grep "/"`                                                                                                           
        yes=`grep DEPRECATED= ${prefix}${file}${makefile}`
        if [ -n "$yes" ]                                                                                                                         
                echo $file $yes

When I ran this on my system, I found only lang/libutils.  It must have been
needed by something I've since uninstalled, because nothing depends on it
now -- so I deleted it.

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