Dropping maintainership of my ports

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Wed Apr 27 08:23:24 UTC 2011


> > No, it's more than that.  I got the distinct impression that many of the
> > committers would be unhappy if I took maintainership of some of the
> > ports I might identify as "popular", because it would interfere with
> > their plans to trim the portstree.

> Then you have misunderstood things.  I don't think anybody would be
> unhappy if you (or anybody else) took maintainership of one or more of
> the currently unmaintained ports.

There are two things. Becoming a maintainer seems to be really easy.

Having one's PRs committed is a bit more difficult and sometimes
takes 4-6 weeks (I had a case recently with 155399 and 155400).

Maybe, if maintainer can "somehow easily" become ports committer,
this hurdle might be lower ?

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