Call for Testers: VirtualBox 4.0.6

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Sun Apr 24 16:26:34 UTC 2011

For me it is working...
running windows XP dnd linux over an old(4.0.2) image it is ok...
very stable...

Only a problem remains (that is not still fixed): 
    it is the problem with the vnc in VBoxHeadless
    the cursor is not in sync (the vnc cursor) is not
    in sync with the XP cursor.. although  the sync
    is better (compared with 4.0.2 but is still out of sync)...
How to reproduce:  
    VBoxHeadless  --vnc --vncport 5901 --startvm XPimg
    then goto another machine and execute:
    vncviewer x.x.x.x:5901, the system opens works but the
    mouse cursor is not in sync...

Question:  Will there be a fix???

Thanks for your attention....

Happy Easter for all

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