net-p2p/rtorrent ui does not come

Sergey V. Dyatko sergey.dyatko at
Mon Apr 18 10:40:45 UTC 2011

On Sun, 17 Apr 2011 10:45:31 +0200
David Demelier <demelier.david at> wrote:

> Hello,

CC`d maintainer

> I installed net-p2p/rtorrent and the user interface does not come, 
> nothing happens and the rtorrent process raise to 100% use of CPU.

I have same issue on recent HEAD, i386. After rebuild rtorrent
without xmlrpc-c support it runs fine, but when I quit it hungs.

I can provide output of ktrace+kdump output if it necessary. It full of

96806 initial thread CALL  nanosleep(0xbfbfe2c8,0)
96806 initial thread RET   nanosleep 0

I can't say exactly when it started, but it looks like long standing

> This happens on my 8.2 amd64 box but not on the i386 one.

8.2-stable (r220557) amd64 works fine.
[tiger at pussy7609]~%make -C /usr/ports/net-p2p/rtorrent showconfig
===> The following configuration options are available for
rtorrent-0.8.7: XMLRPC=off "Compile with xmlrpc-c support"
     IPV6=off (default) "Enable IPv6 support"
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

> Anyone having the same issue?
> Cheers,

wbr, tiger

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