PearPC port broken?

Chris Rees utisoft at
Fri Apr 15 18:30:31 UTC 2011

On 15 April 2011 18:41, Steven Kreuzer <skreuzer at> wrote:
> I just ran pearpc through a 8.2 amd64 tinderbox and it bombed out.
> Looks like whatever is causing it not to compile in 8 has been fixed
> in 9. We can change the port so thats its only marked as broken if the
> OS is not >= 9

Looks fine for me too, on 8.2-RELEASE [1].

Erwin, you marked it BROKEN, but I can't find any error logs, and
portsmon's drawing a blank.... could it have been transient?

I'm running it through a tinderbox now on 7.4 [2].



[crees at zeus]~/workspace/ports/pearpc% make warning: missing sentinel in function call
c++  -O2 -pipe -march=prescott -fno-strict-aliasing -Wundef -Wall
-Woverloaded-virtual -fsigned-char  -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE
-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -pipe   -o ifppc_up.setuid  ifppc_up.setuid.o
gmake[1]: Leaving directory
gmake[1]: Entering directory
gmake[1]: Nothing to be done for `all-am'.
gmake[1]: Leaving directory
[crees at zeus]~/workspace/ports/pearpc% uname -a
FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE #1: Sun Feb
27 22:19:51 UTC 2011
root at  i386


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