Best way to uninstall X

Gritsuk Anton gnixua at
Fri Apr 8 07:00:37 UTC 2011

Maybe freebsd has tool that provides opportunity (some option) to 
install all packages from file with listing needy packages . For example:
  # command_with_option ~/file_with_needs_pkg

Who knows this utility?

On 07.04.2011 22:19, Olli Hauer wrote:
> If you plan the upgrade to 8.2 then you have to rebuild all your ports.
> So why updating the ports before the update?
> # create list of all packages (for reference)
> pkg_info -qoa | sort>  ~/packages_74
> # delete all packages
> pkg_delete -a
> Do the system upgrade, then build or install only the ports you want on the 8.2
> system

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