Using portmaster with different PYTHON_VERSION

Dmitry Pryanishnikov lynx.ripe at
Wed Sep 29 20:57:22 UTC 2010


2010/9/28 Doug Barton <dougb at>:
>> Those packages (py26-httplib2 vs py31-httplib2) do not
>> conflict (they may be used simultaneously, don't overwrite each
>> other's files etc.). But they have single origin, which seems to
>> confuse the portmaster:
>> PYTHON_VERSION=python2.6 portmaster www/py-httplib2
>> ===>>>  Installation of www/py-httplib2 (py26-httplib2-0.6.0) complete
>> PYTHON_VERSION=python3.1 portmaster www/py-httplib2
>> ===>>>  Upgrade of py26-httplib2-0.6.0 to py31-httplib2-0.6.0 complete
> I would also argue that there is a fundamental assumption in the ports
> infrastructure that what you're doing here (installing both versions on the
> same system) is not supported. The ability to make the version of things
> like python or perl variable is a great feature of the ports infrastructure,
> but my understanding has always been that this would be a system-wide
> option, and that installing different versions of the same language on the
> same system is not supported.

  What problems (besides no support in portmaster) can arise due to
parallel use of Python 2 and Python 3 in the same FreeBSD system? I
see none: the resulting packages (python{26,31}-* and py{26,31}-*)
install files in different locations (they use e.g.
/usr/local/lib/python2.6 vs /usr/local/lib/python3.1). Moreover;
during the current stage of the Python's development there are
legitimate reasons for using Python 2 for some projects and Python 3
for the rest ( ). And I
expect that this situation will change soon (changes in Python 3 are
rather essential, so many packages will stay Python2-only for some

  Well, as for me - it's not difficult to manage python2/3 packages
using just plain ports infrastructure. Thanks for explanation!

Sincerely, Dmitry
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