Using portmaster with different PYTHON_VERSION

Dmitry Pryanishnikov lynx.ripe at
Tue Sep 28 18:56:39 UTC 2010


  I'm trying to install Python additional ports (e.g. www/py-httplib2)
for different Python versions (2.6 and 3.1) in the same system using
the portmaster. Those packages (py26-httplib2 vs py31-httplib2) do not
conflict (they may be used simultaneously, don't overwrite each
other's files etc.). But they have single origin, which seems to
confuse the portmaster:

PYTHON_VERSION=python2.6 portmaster www/py-httplib2
===>>> Installation of www/py-httplib2 (py26-httplib2-0.6.0) complete


PYTHON_VERSION=python3.1 portmaster www/py-httplib2
===>>> Upgrade of py26-httplib2-0.6.0 to py31-httplib2-0.6.0 complete

So portmaster thinks that it's an upgrade, and removes py26-httplib2,
which is not correct - I want to keep both packages:

py26-httplib2-0.6.0 A comprehensive HTTP client library
py31-httplib2-0.6.0 A comprehensive HTTP client library

Am I missing some portmaster's tunable, or it just doesn't support
such ports yet?

Sincerely, Dmitry
nic-hdl: LYNX-RIPE

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