Dropping maintainership of my ports

Tobias Roth ports at fsck.ch
Mon Sep 27 20:02:31 UTC 2010


I haven't been using FreeBSD as a desktop for a while now, and am thus
dropping maintainerships of my ports. If anyone wants to step up and
take over maintainership, please send me an email. For everything left
over, I will send PRs to reset the maintainer to ports@ in about two weeks.

The ports are

audio/py-eyed3 : Python module for processing ID3 tags
devel/py-testoob : An advanced unit testing framework for PyUnit
x11/fbpanel : Desktop panel with taskbar, pager, launchbar and more
deskutils/gkrellm-gtodo : GKrellM2 plugin to tracks tasks and to-dos
deskutils/gkrellm-reminder2 : GKrellM2 plugin that reminds you of events
deskutils/gkrellm-timers : GKrellM2 plugin for the setting of countdowns
misc/gkx86info2 : GKrellM2 plugin that prints the current clock speed
net-p2p/gkrellm-gift : GKrellM2 plugin that monitors giFT transfers
net/gkrellmmultiping2 : GKrellM2 multiping plugin
sysutils/gkrellm-trayicons : GKrellM2 plugin to display definable icons
as notifiers or launchers

deskutils/treeline : maintainership already taken by Pawel Pekala, thanks!

Thanks in advance,

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