freeradius2 port with e-dir

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Mon Sep 27 15:02:27 UTC 2010

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> Thank you for the patch Olli.  If this works out for John I will get
> this committed to the port.
> Please let me know when it has been tested.
> Thanks,
> -r

I can say that it builds with no errors and that an initial radiusd -X
runs with no errors. However, I have not had the chance to configure
it to our network to test if it can talk Novell or not. I would think
that since it compiles installs the files that FreeRADIUS needs on the
Linux installs, that it would work on FreeBSD. Hopefully I'll get the
chance to test it later this week. I'm the only one working on this
and being in K-12 education, I don't have much time for this as I'm
also handling most of the regular day to day help desk tickets.

Doing only MAC auth with WEP on our wireless semi-guarantees that it
is one of our laptops connecting and that's enough for the powers
that be for now, but I'd rather combine MAC auth with login names and
certificates to make sure that it is one of ours. Also plan on
switching to WPA as well on the wireless and enabling RADIUS on the
wired so that we know only our machines are being plugged into the

But I digress, I will get back to you as soon as I get the chance to
configure FR to talk to Novell and do some tests.


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