ptlib build failure - breaks pwlib - hence also asterisk - opal - & openh323

Steve Ames steve at
Mon Sep 20 23:14:32 UTC 2010

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 10:29:00PM +0100, David Southwell wrote:
>    >> Does SSL from ports declare something that we can #ifdef around? I
>    don't
>    > really use pwlib anymore. If you can produce a patch that fixes your
>    issue
>    > without breaking the case of using system openssl I'll happly give it
>    the
>    > nod. ports/pwlib is very old. Everything should be moving to ports/ptlib
>    > (2.4) or ports/ptlib26
>    Thanks for your reply.
>    IMHO The problem is ptlibs AND ptlib26. Both these ports seem to be the
>    cause of the problem. pwlib tries to build ptlib and that build fails.
>    ptlib26 fails with the same error.

Actually not. pwlib _IS_ ptlib just a very old version. It doesn't build
ptlib or ptlib26.

>    I think you have your finger on the pulse... both ptlib AND ptlib26 need
>    to address the way they use openssl but I do not know how to do that!
Heh. Until someone who cares does know then its not likely to get fixed. As I
said, I don't even use anymore so I have no test/develpment platform.

>    David
>    PS Would you mind not top posting

Seriously? Top posting is somehow worse than scrolling to the bottom of pages
of compile output to see a tiny response? Welcome to the 21st century.

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