Q about perl 5.12 and included newer port modules.

Michael Scheidell michael.scheidell at secnap.com
Mon Sep 20 15:07:33 UTC 2010

  I noticed, while looking at the SpamAssassin Port 
(p5-Mail-SpamAssassin) that there are at lease one set of pm 
dependencies that would pull in obsolete (older) ports versions that 
would overwrite newer, built in modules in perl 5.12.
(Thanks Martin for this list  below:  As I said, its not just SA, but 
any optional modules SA pulls in need to be regressed back to any other 
pm that any other module might need)


Here is a list of directly referenced dependencies, where are the
overwriting functions?

only in ports

5.8.9: not included
5.10.1: 1.52
5.12.2: 1.54
ports: 1.68

only in ports

5.8.9:  not included
5.10.1: 2.020
5.12.2: 2.024
ports:	2.015

5.8.9:  not included
5.10.1: 1.09
5.12.2: 1.10
ports:	1.10

only in ports

5.8.9:  not included
5.10.1: 2.020
5.12.2: 2.024
ports:	2.015

5.8.9:  2.64
5.10.1: 3.17
5.12.2: 3.17
ports:	3.22

only in ports

only in ports

only in ports

5.8.9:  1.9715
5.10.1: 1.9719
5.12.2: 1.9719
ports:	1.9721




only in ports

only in ports

only in ports

5.8.9:  not included
5.10.1: 5.47
5.12.2: 5.47
ports:	5.48

only in ports

only in ports

only in ports

The only one I can see with a lower version is p5-Compress-Zlib.
Btw. maybe p5-Time-HiRes can be omitted at all?


I also noticed that the /usr/ports/UPDATING 20100715 note doesn't 
mention this, and the procedures for updating from 5.10 to 5.12 might 
being in these obsolete pm's.

As the port maintainer for p5-Mail-SpamAssassin, I am looking for ideas, 
policies, procedures for handling something like this.
For the SA port, I can always use if/else statements in the run and 
build dependencies, looking for PERL version, BUT:..... that only 
handles the immediate issue.

The other issue is that several other dependencies, pulled in 
automatically, or optionally when you switch a knob, access ports that 
are not under my control.

So, the Question is:  track down each dependency (on my own) and submit 
patches to all the port maintainers, or should 'we' collectively look at 
all the existing pm's and make sure they don't install older modules?

that approach, while global, can (and might) cause problems with 
automated builds, package builds, and packages on cd/dvd's, since the 
obsolete port will either be marked 'BROKEN FOR PERL 5.12', or, just 
silently ignored.

Either case, this does go beyond just on perl port 
(p5-Mail-SpamAssassin)? or should we update any pm's that are older than 
Actually, that itself sounds like the most workable, going fwd solution.
if as Martin has found, at least p5-Compress-Zlib in ports is older than 
comes with perl 5.12, maybe that is the place to start?

What would you say would be officially supported policy on this? easiest 
to maintain and package?

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