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Mon Sep 20 11:06:06 UTC 2010

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/150746            [MAINTAINER] irc/weechat-devel: update to 20100919
f ports/150744            [patch] audio/openal: install alsoftrc.sample
o ports/150743            New port: graphics/commons-utilities
o ports/150741            [MAINTAINER] net-im/centerim-devel: Update to
o ports/150734            New port: www/p5-WWW-Yandex-PhoneDetector Perl module 
o ports/150733            Update port: sysutils/lxtask version bump (broken)
f ports/150728            [PATCH] sysutils/duplicity-devel: update to 0.6.10
o ports/150720            [Maintainer Update] astro/qlandkartegt: update to 0.19
o ports/150719            [PATCH] mail/cyrus-imapd: add UoA autocreate and autos
o ports/150714            [PATCH] graphics/ImageMagick-nox11: add missing PLIST 
f ports/150712            Port update: www/woof
o ports/150703            maintainer-update of mail/mutt-devel
f ports/150698            [patch] graphics/mupdf: restore some vendor CFLAGS
f ports/150695            [patch] editors/2bsd-vi: use ncurses rather than terml
f ports/150694            [patch] devel/rlwrap: update to 0.37
o ports/150691            [patch] Templates/BSD.local.dist: add conf.{avail,d} f
o ports/150683            New port: devel/dragon, Combined C++ scanner/parser ge
o ports/150653            OGG/Vorbis playback with mplayer is broken
o ports/150637            samba build error after  autoconf 2.67 update
o ports/150636            [Maintainer Update] audio/liquidsoap: update to 0.9.3-
f ports/150630            [PATCH] Fix fetching themes for multimedia/dvd-slidesh
o ports/150618            [PATCH] sysutils/cpdup: fix off-by-one error
o ports/150610            [UPDATE] www/openx upgrade to latest version, security
o ports/150608            Mk/ Add OWL license
f ports/150605            [PATCH] audio/liblastfm: Fix build with alternate LOCA
f ports/150604            [PATCH] sysutils/superiotool: Fix build with alternate
o ports/150592            AX_BOOST_FILESYSTEM macro from autoconf-archive gives 
o ports/150576            [patch] www/tomcat55: fix packaging/rc script and add 
o ports/150574            [PATCH] mail/dkimproxy: Simplify the rc scripts
f ports/150542            [new port] createrepo - creates rpm metadata for yum
o ports/150541            [new port] sysutils/yum - Installer/updater for rpm
o ports/150540            [new port] devel/py-yum-metadata-parser (a requirement
o ports/150499            [maintainer-update] ftp/tnftpd update to 20100324
o ports/150493            Update for: security/openssh-portable port from 5.2p1 
o ports/150489            [NEW PORT] devel/d-feet: D-Feet is a D-Bus debugger wr
o ports/150467            net/asterisk16 port failed to compile
f ports/150457            [patch] mail/mutt-devel does not recognize PGP markers
o ports/150446            New port: lang/rexx-regutil
o ports/150425            www/squid31: rc.d/squid's squid_fib setting ineffectiv
f ports/150423            [PATCH] Upgrade www/p5-Mojo to devel/p5-Mojolicious (v
f ports/150376            port net-mgmt/zabbix-server 1.8.3 fails to build on 8.
f ports/150361            [patch] provide script to bind with nautilus for multi
f ports/150333            x11/lxpanel: forced dependency with WITH_ALSA
f ports/150329            net/quagga 0.99.17 - multicast problem not resolved
o ports/150316            new port: net/neatx
f ports/150294            news/hellanzb fails to run due to string compare bug
f ports/150283            security/l5 produces wrong output on amd64
o ports/150266            New port: x11/tabbed Simple generic tabbed fronted to 
o ports/150252            [NEW PORT] sysutils/gigolo : frontend to connect/mount
f ports/150235            sysutils/smartmontools build system bug
f ports/150233            conky 1.8 broken (sysutils/conky)
o ports/150208            [new port] databases/jasperserver: Open Source Java Re
f ports/150194            There is no startup script for databases/cassandra
f ports/150146            [PATCH] net/igmpproxy: fix rc script
f ports/150145            [patch] ftp/smbftpd port rewrite configuration files o
o ports/150086            [NEW PORT] net-im/tkabber-plugins-devel: External Plug
f ports/150047            net/ipv6socket_scrub: Makefile contains incorrect URL
f ports/149963            chinese/ibus-chewing: Refine FETCH_ARGS
o ports/149947            [NEW PORT] devel/smartCVS, a powerful graphical CVS cl
o ports/149928            New port: textproc/iText iText, a JAVA-PDF library by 
o ports/149892            [NEW PORT] textproc/weka-devel: Data Mining Software i
o ports/149873            [PATCH] games/linux-enemyterritory: missing DRI
o ports/149849            New Port : print/scribus-devel - Scribus is a desktop 
f ports/149816            devel/icu4: install forget to install the lib libicute
o ports/149736            update port: math/isabelle to version 2009.2
o ports/149725            [patch] devel/cdk: Errors in examples of cdk_display(3
o ports/149682            New port:net/gogonet_c gogoCLIENT offers IPv6 connecti
o ports/149674            [patch] sysutils/fusefs-kmod: ftruncate() sycall on FU
o ports/149669            Update port: print/latex-biblatex update to 0.9b
o ports/149667            New port: print/latex-logreq automation of LaTeX workf
f ports/149616            [PATCH] textproc/ibus: update to 1.3.7
o ports/149601            New port: games/gargoyle  -  a multiplatform interacti
o ports/149565            Update port: converters/igbinary
o ports/149564            patch for various games/ adding appropriate LICENSEs t
f ports/149547            [PATCH] net/igmpproxy: prevent deletion of configfile 
f ports/149507            security/libprelude missing configure option
o ports/149493            [PATCH] www/typo3: update to 4.3.5
o ports/149473            [maintainer update] devel/lamson unbreak
o ports/149348            New port: net/wowzamediaserver
o ports/149305            Small security fix and transcoding profile fix to net/
o ports/149196            [PATCH] chinese/zh-ibus-chewing: update to
o ports/149069            new port: sysutils/hfsexplorer HFSExplorer read Mac-fo
f ports/149020            sysutils/dvdisaster Inappropriate ioctl for device wit
o ports/148993            [patch] net-im/echat: respect STRIP, don't override -O
f ports/148919            graphics/mapnik not longer broken
o misc/148871             bad packages: p5-XML-Parser-2.36_1 p5-XML-SAX-Expat-0.
f ports/148641            [PATCH] graphics/ipe: Update to latest version (now us
o ports/148630            [PATCH] net/asterisk16: fix asterisk16 compilation wit
o ports/148605            security/ipsec-tools rc.d/racoon startup script fails 
o ports/148579            new version databases/xtrabackup 1.3
f ports/148519            New port: devel/pear-PHP_Debug Port for the PEAR PHP_D
f ports/148462            [New port] www/wordpress-themes: wordpress featured th
f ports/148454            games/freebsd-carddeck-kde4: freebsd's kde card deck d
o ports/148415            new port: devel/libsysinfo, GNU libc's sysinfo port fo
o ports/148411            New port: audio/madfufw M-Audio DFU Firmware for USB s
o ports/148398            [NEW PORT] net/omcmd: CLI utility for performing OMAPI
f ports/148316            net/quagga 0.99.16 - OSPF broken
o ports/148234            pkg_install fails for some math/octave-forge ports
o ports/148090            [PATCH] security/ike: update to 2.1.5
o ports/147944            [NEW PORT] net/gogoc: GogoCLIENT, which is needed to c
o ports/147943            New port: net/radsecproxy Radsecproxy is a generic RAD
s ports/147829            Improved net/ucarp startup script: multiple VHID and F
f ports/147669            science/gramps fails to start
o ports/147660            new port: net-im/pidgin-mra, Agent protocol pl
s ports/147457            Update port: devel/ptlib26
o ports/146964            New port: net/asterisk162
o ports/146934            [NEW PORT] japanese/unzip NLS patched unzip. import fr
o ports/146913            ports/databases/skytools failed to make package if Pos
o ports/146895            [NEW PORT] emulators/linux-libusb -- linux(4)-friendly
o ports/146880            [MAINTAINER] korean/ko.TeX : update to
o ports/146879            [MAINTAINER] korean/ko.TeX-fonts-extra : update to 0.2
f ports/146878            [MAINTAINER] korean/ko.TeX-fonts-base : update to 0.2.
o ports/146830            multimedia/pvr_xxx does not compile on FreeBSD 8.* and
f ports/146801            can't build graphics/py-opengl because math/py-numpy f
o ports/146713            [patch] net-mgmt/argus-monitor update
o ports/146641            [MAINTAINER] sysutils/gosa: update to 2.6.10
o ports/146392            [NEW PORT] devel/php5-thrift: PHP interface to Thrift
f ports/145966            port devel/pwlib fails to build: cast error: patch att
o ports/145704            [patch] Update-request: audio/xmms2-scrobbler
o ports/145076            I could not build devel/pwlib
o ports/144993            databases/postgresql-odbc: contents of numeric fields 
o ports/144857            [patch] audio/abraca: update to 0.4.3
o ports/144849            [new port] java/eclipse-eclemma code coverage for ecli
o ports/144821            [patch] audio/xmms2 : update to version 0.7 DrNo.
o ports/144597            security/openssh-portable fails to compile with KERBER
o ports/144555            graphics/mesagl: glutMainLoop() crashes when using VBO
o ports/144412            Update port: mail/tkrat2 (Use latest tcl/tk versions)
o ports/144248            net/asterisk16 conflicts with linuxthreads
o ports/144066            Upgrade net/asterisk16-addons to
o ports/144065            Upgrade net/asterisk16 to
o ports/143938            [NEW PORTS] textproc/linux-f10-ibus-qt et al.: Linux v
o ports/143566            sysutils/diskcheckd runs constantly when using gmirror
o ports/142824            [patch] security/openssh-portable: add VersionAddendum
f ports/141103            net/stone strange behavior on 8.0-RELEASE
o ports/141001            net/ssltunnel-server/ depends on /sbin/pppd
f ports/140867            net-mgmt/nagios-plugins: check_icmp default packets si
s ports/140303            net-mgmt/docsis can not compile filters under amd64 pl
o ports/139867            mail/isoqlog catch segmentation fault under AMD64
f ports/139203            sysutils/freebsd-snapshot more careful patch not depen
o ports/138929            [PATCH] security/heimdal update to 1.2.1
o ports/138602            audio/sphinxbase port update
o ports/137378            Advisory locks fail with ports/security/cfs on FreeBSD
a ports/133773            net/keepalived port update request
o ports/133723            net/asterisk16: asterisk- crash when load chan_
o ports/133563            security/cfs rc script needs "mntudp" option on 8-CURR
o ports/132786            New port: sysutils/sispmctl Utility for controlling a 
o ports/128952            [NEW PORT] java/javadb: Sun's supported distribution o
o ports/127321            japanese/kon2-16dot: buffer overflow and mouse bugs
s ports/127087            mail/bincimap port does not include an rc.d file
s ports/125324            editors/the (3.2) looses cursor when compiled with PDC
o ports/123068            sysutils/bubblemon2 bubblemon-dockapp: error extractin
o ports/118716            security/heimhal - shared library conflict with heimda
o ports/114611            [NEW PORT] net-p2p/freenet05: An anonymous censorship-
o ports/82634             security/heimdal port conflict with base heimdal
s ports/57498             HEIMDAL_HOME should be defined in src or ports Makefil

155 problems total.

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