Double versions installed

Jos Chrispijn ports at
Sun Sep 19 20:33:24 UTC 2010

  On 19-9-2010 19:01, Erik Trulsson wrote:
> That is perfectly normal. Some programs require one specific version
> of autoconf, while others require another version, so one easily ends
> up with more than one version installed.  They can live side-by-side so
> having more than one version installed is not a problem.
I see. But out of a programmers point of view, I would never stick to my 
old versions but update to newer ones because I need to catch up with 
other new program versions that need mine. In this way a programmer is 
forced to keep maintaining his older version allthough he moves forward 
with the rest of the crowd.
> Just use pkg_delete to remove it.  If anything has it as a run-time
> dependency (most unlikely) pkg_delete will complain and refuse to
> remove it so you donät need to worry about breaking anything by
> removing it.
ok, thanks for your explanation.

Jos Chrispijn

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