FreeBSD Port: php5-gd-5.3.3_2

Nicholas E. Solon | CTO nick at
Thu Sep 16 05:48:06 UTC 2010

 <mailto:ale at at>Hello,

I am writing to request a change to the php5-gd port.  This port
requires that the gd extension include xpm support, which relies on a
long dependency chain of x11 libraries.  Since many PHP users run
production web servers, myself included, it is not desirable to include
any x11 components for security or maintenance purposes.

I am able to compile gd by itself without xpm support, but for some
reason the php5-gd port only seems to use the bundled gd.  Having a
configure option in this port to use the shared gd library or exclude
xpm support would make things much easier for system administrators ;-) 
I welcome your thoughts or ideas on the matter.

Thanks for your help!

Nicholas Solon

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