devel/autotools267 and UPDATING

Ade Lovett ade at
Thu Sep 16 00:13:20 UTC 2010

> On Sep 15, 2010, at 4:43 PM, Barbara wrote:
>> About my previous mail, shouldn't the upgrade be handled by the entry in 
>> MOVED? Is it a portupgrade problem?
>> Is the rebuild of ports like xmms or libX11 really necessary after a new 
>> version of autoconf?

With "sweeping" ports such as autotools, the consensus is to bump PORTREVISIONs on affected dependent ports, even if they are build dependencies only.  We've tried in the past to get creative in what does and doesn't get bumped, and it always generates more problems than it solves.

On Sep 15, 2010, at 18:48 , Chuck Swiger wrote:
> It looks like maybe a repocopy is going on (or has gone wrong), since it is pointing to autoconf-2.62:

You need to update your ports tree.  Makefile is revision 1.77, not 1.75 as you have shown.


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