[ports/net/isc-dhcp*] Don't stop DHCP related daemons

Norikatsu Shigemura nork at FreeBSD.org
Sun Sep 12 04:00:19 UTC 2010

Hi everyone!

	Thank you for my reply.

	This problem is 'Yet another minor release engineering' for
	all the world other environments.  If you can give assurance
	upgrading ports, you can stop the daemon (at least, I want to
	restart it:-).  But it's toooooooo difficult, and I(we?)
	don't/can't want your assurance.

	If the daemon doesn't stop (keep the daemon running), I(we) am
	given a little grace to update environment like configuration
	files.  If the daemon stop, I(we) should correspond updating
	at once. 

	In theoretically, we update ports like following operation:
	1. Check updating lists like portversion -L =.
	2. Check updating documents before portupgrade XXX.
	3. portupgrade every once, and update environments (including
	   restart OS).
	4. repeat 3.

	But it's hard, so in practice:
	1. portupgrade -aR.
	2. Check updating documents, and update environments.
	3. repeat 3.
	4. restart OS if needed.

	So please regard such as system managers!

Norikatsu Shigemura <nork at FreeBSD.org>

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