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Eitan Adler lists at
Sat Sep 11 22:32:10 UTC 2010

I am not an authority but I think I can help.
1) I think -doc > -questions > -ports
2) see reply inline

> - Is "INTERACTIVE MODE" the appropiate term to be used as heading for
> the section dealing with the specifics of a ncurses-based user interface ?

This is the label I would expect

> - What labels are to be used for keys which usually do not produce a
> printable character ? E.g. is the <return>-key to be represented as
> "return", "<return>" or "RETURN" (or is it to be named "enter", anyway ?)

from the less(1) man page "RETURN" seems to be correct

> - What about the cursor movement and other directional keys like
> <cursor-left/right/up/down>, <pageup/down>, <home/end> ?

See the less(1) man page.

> - Are there any preferences for the macros to use for keys to be
> pressed, e.g. is the following acceptable:
> .Bl -tag -width Fl
> .It Ic C
> Do the C thing.
> .It Ic A
> Do the A thing.
> .El

I think so - from the limited amount of man page writing I've done
(and from looking at less's source)
Eitan Adler

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