Where did sunbird go?

Robert traveling08 at cox.net
Sat Sep 11 19:10:31 UTC 2010

On Sat, 11 Sep 2010 14:23:13 -0400
Glen Barber <glen.j.barber at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> On 9/11/10 2:02 PM, Robert wrote:
> > Greetings
> > 
> > I updated my ports today and "deskutils/lightning" was install and
> > sunbird is gone. I see nothing listed in "UPDATING" and the mozilla
> > site still show a download for sunbird.
> > 
> > Did I miss something or is sunbird no longer available?
> > 
> /usr/ports/MOVED shows this:
> deskutils/sunbird|deskutils/lightning|2010-09-07|Upstream development
> discontinued
> Meaning, sunbird was moved to lightning.
> Regards,

Thank you for responding. Yes, lightning is installed but I guess it is
not stand alone. It is an add-on to seamonkey or thunderbird. I have
been using sunbird as a stand alone application for my desktop
calendar which I now cannot access. 

/usr/ports/deskutils/lightning> cat pkg-message 
In order to activate the Lightning extension, every user should install
the XPI file into his own profile via the menu:

Tools -> Add-ons -> Install (for Thunderbird)
- or -
Tools -> Add-on Manager -> Install (for Seamonkey)


I installed seamonkey and performed the above but it is not obvious as
to how to bring up a calendar.

Thanks again


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