[CFT] GNU gdb(1) 7.2 Shell Archive - devel/gdb7

jhell jhell at DataIX.net
Tue Sep 7 20:15:44 UTC 2010

On 09/07/2010 12:39, FreeBSD Ports wrote:
> 06.09.2010 19:53, jhell написав(ла):
>> I have just created a gdb7 port from the existing devel/gdb6.
> Sir, if your port follows my example of having the Insight (GUI-front
> end for GDB) as an option, you have my blessing. Back in the day I had
> to manually rip-out the Insight-bits out of the giant tarball the
> developers had for download (they included the entire gdb, Tcl, Tk,
> iTcl, and iTk with it!).
> If your port has the same kind of granularity, I'll gladly add your port
> and can also make you a maintainer of devel/gdb6. Yours,
>     -mi

Alright, I wasnt looking into it too far but I can flip those back into
the port.

The current port of gdb6 already does not work for Insight if you have
any other version of Tcl installed other than 8.4 so I guess I have some
work to do in order to get that into shape.

The main part that I am worried about ATM is functionality before
experimental changes and I can add or work on putting the Insight
support back into gdb7 while we get to this stage.

Also the TUI support for some reason seems borked in XTerm, not sure
about others so I am looking into that too.

All-in-all its looking up besides one report on FreBSD-CURRENT that that
does not recognize powerpc-unknown-9.0 but that seems to be a simple
slight of hand fix.

Personally I am not really looking to be the or a maintainer of any port
but am willing to step up and submit patches and whatever is needed
given free time is available so please do not misunderstand my
intentions with the previous email as I am only looking to get these on
an updated schedule so they flow with the rest of ports usage.

Also still having ports in CVS adds some unnecessary overhead on my end
that I am not prepared to deal with permanently at this point. But can
if need be for a short time step in to help out.

Later today Ill be putting the gdb7 port that I constructed into a
Mercurial repo on GoogleCode so if people want to contribute they can
easily by cloning and making their changes locally.




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