Testing editors/emacs-devel on 9-CURRENT

Ashish SHUKLA ashish at FreeBSD.org
Mon Sep 6 15:47:09 UTC 2010

Alexey Shuvaev writes:
> On Mon, Sep 06, 2010 at 09:52:18AM +0530, Ashish SHUKLA wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Could some running 9-CURRENT try building a package of editors/emacs-devel
>> port (latest version available in the tree) with default OPTIONS ?
>> Something like:
>> #v+
>> % script emacs-devel.log sudo make -C /usr/ports/editors/emacs-devel build deinstall package
>> #v-
>> And after building the package, could you paste the generated log
>> (emacs-devel.log) at some pastebin[1] and post a link here,
>> irrespective of any
>> errors you received ?
> Here is the tinderbox log on amd64 9-CURRENT:
> http://pastebin.com/h1P2V41r

> The build for i386 9-CURRENT is underway.

> The ports tree is from 3 Sep, but the base used for the tinderbox
> is rather old, it is from ~18 May.
> I can rebuild it to the host sources which are at r212182 from 3 Sep,
> but it will take some time :)

Thank you very much. It is strange I didn't get that error on my Tinderbox
ever. Anyways, I'll fix this as soon as I recover from fever.

> HTH,
> Alexey.

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