[SOLVED]: math/blas linking to gfortran with LDADD?= -lgfortran

jhell jhell at DataIX.net
Mon Sep 6 00:06:24 UTC 2010

On 09/05/2010 15:12, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On 2010-Aug-31 17:14:50 -0400, jhell <jhell at DataIX.net> wrote:
>> On 08/31/2010 15:06, b. f. wrote:
>>> Would you elaborate, please?  Where is a transcript showing the linking failure?
>>> Would you mail it to me off-list?
>> Simply -lgfortran by it self should not work. Since lib directories
> Actually, IMO, since libgfortran.so is a support library for gfortran
> (much like libgcc_s.so is), it is reasonable for a user to expect
> that '-lgfortran' _is_ sufficient and the current behaviour is a bug.
> ports/129518 says I'm not the only person who think that.
>> -L/usr/local/lib/gcc44 would have to be passed to LDFLAGS in order for
>> it to be found.
> And '-R/usr/local/lib/gcc44' as well.
> Note that a work-around has been added to bsd.gcc.mk so that ports
> with USE_GCC shouldbehave correctly and the problem is limited to
> using a non-base gcc outside the ports system.

Unfortunately this was caused by devel/ccache ;( or probably better said
ccache attributed to finding this bug.

The problem was that ccache was or is not liable for finding the
lib/gccXX installs and therefore being called before, discards
appropriate paths or whatnot ultimately borking the build.

How I missed the problem was assuming that src.conf(5) is not used by
ports(7) I had put the appropriate ccache, if then else statements in
src.conf(5) to specifically keep it away from ports(7). As explained by
b.f. math/blas being as old as it is uses files from /usr/src, so with
that noted src.conf(5) gets pulled in and resulted in ccache being set
by CC & CXX defines.

The default if statement that I had in src.conf(5) was the one from the
FreeBSD ccache example... Shouldn't have caught that right ??? think
again... I had also set WRKDIRPREFIX=/usr/obj for ports(7)! in a if
statement in make.conf(5) ARG!!!

Here is the example:
.if (!empty(.CURDIR:M/usr/src*) || !empty(.CURDIR:M/usr/obj*)) &&

Of course /usr/src is not empty here and of course /usr/obj is not
empty, thats where I am compiling and of course I did not specify
NOCCACHE because IMHO src.conf(5) should not be pulled into ports(7) at all.

So needless to say I went the harder route of non-automation and changed
that quickly to:

.if defined(MY_LOCAL_DEFINE_HERE) && !defined(NOCCACHE)

And now compiling graciously the ports I want with -DMY_LOCAL_DEFINE_HERE

It would be real nice if someone could add NOCCACHE & WITHOUT_CCACHE to
the ports .mk files so ports like math/blas can quickly override the use
of ccache if the user decides to use the default example provided in

So to say the least there were multiple faulted layers here at play
including me!

Also math/lapack will not compile if a user has specified
WITHOUT_PROFILE in there src.conf(5) specifically it wants libc_p.so.7
but a system with the above set will not have that installed. They are
fixing this.




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