FreeBSD Port: mac-

Yanhui Shen syh.daemon at
Sun Sep 5 06:49:24 UTC 2010

Today I writen an application to play the ape file.
However, I found the head files in /usr/local/include/mac is not complete.
The APEDecompress.h in that directory need "Prepare.h" and
"UnBitArrayBase.h", but they're not present.

Finally, I "make extract" in /usr/ports/audio/mac, and cp those files(and
all they depends) to the include directory,
then the my program compiles fine(also plays fine).

So, I think the head files listed in pkg-plist which shall be installed into
system is not complete,
cound you check the problem again and update the ports (maybe).

Thank you so much~

syh, China

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