what next for the pkg_install rewrite

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at freebsd.org
Fri Sep 3 20:10:27 UTC 2010

> Before and during the summer it would have been pretty simple because
> I was working on git and hg.  At the end of the summer I decided to
> move over to p4 until I have at least the entire current pkg system
> supported (and then I'll probably move the project back over to a git
> repo).

I think git is a good choice :)

> Anyone can look at that and submit patches, but I don't want
> to create a communal repository until I'm "finished" with the lib.
> I'm in an... interesting... situation right now, I just moved and my
> bsd machine has no way of getting on the internet.  I do have some
> pretty big changes in the pipeline that I haven't been able to commit
> yet, though (namely logging in the database and some naming convention
> changes), so go ahead and look, but I really wouldn't recommend
> touching too much for a while because a lot of stuff might change.

That's fair, you did most of the coding work, the fact that you keep
the repo as yours is fair, I think we need someone to be the "master"
of the code (don't know how to explain that with other words :), that
is important for coherence and consistency.

So before contributing code and being able to separate tasks we will
have to wait for your bsd machine to get access to the internet :).
That would let us the time needed to discuss all the features (and the
design) that would become pkg_install2.


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