About ocsinventory-* in FreeBSD ports tree (/usr/ports/net-mgmt/ocsinventory-*)

James Chang james.technew at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 08:38:11 UTC 2010

Hi Marcelo,

    I install ocsinventory-ng-1.3.2 from FreeBSD ports tree,
But I cannot finish installation successfully! Following are
my steps and ERROR message, could you please share
your installation experience with me?

Step 1. cd /usr/ports/net-mgmt/ocsinventory-ng/
Step 2. make install
Step 3. cd /usr/local/share/ocsinventory-ng
Step 4. sh ./setup.sh
Step 5. FAILED! and following are error messages :<

| OK, Communication server Perl modules install finished;-)|
|                                                          |
| Creating Communication server log directory...           |

Creating Communication server log directory /var/log/ocsinventory-server.

Fixing Communication server log directory files permissions.
Configuring logrotate for Communication server.
cp: etc/logrotate.d/ocsinventory-server: No such file or directory
Can't open logrotate.ocsinventory-server.local: No such file or directory.
cat: logrotate.ocsinventory-server.local: No such file or directory
Removing old communication server logrotate file
Writing communication server logrotate to file
*** ERROR: Unable to configure log rotation, please look at error in
/usr/local/share/ocsinventory-ng/ocs_server_setup.log and fix !

Installation aborted !

Best Regards!

                            James Chang

2010/8/26 Marcelo Araujo <araujobsdport at gmail.com>:
> Hi James,
> First of all, thanks to contact me about ocs.
> Well, right now both ports are in the queue of my Tinderbox, just to check
> and test if everything is OK.
> Soon, I believe till this weekend, I can effective the update.
> Once again, thanks.
> Best Regards.
> - Araujo
> 2010/8/25 James Chang <james.technew at gmail.com>
>> Dear Sir,
>>   I found the following ports in FreeBSD are maintained by you.
>> 1./usr/ports/net-mgmt/ocsinventory-ng
>> 2./usr/ports/net-mgmt/ocsinventory-agent
>>   In May 13,2010, the OCS Inventory Team  has released v1.3.2 which
>> fix many security bugs!
>> Could you please update the ocsinventory-* in FreeBSD port tree to
>> version v1.3.2 ?
>> Best Regards!
>>             James Chang
> --
> Marcelo Araujo
> araujo at FreeBSD.org

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