ports/150173: [patch] lang/lua: don't override optimization with `-O2'

Anonymous swell.k at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 11:41:17 UTC 2010

Renato Botelho <garga at FreeBSD.org> writes:

> It seems to be working fine, i can setup CFLAGS at build time:
> # make CFLAGS="-O3 -pipe"

The port should respect -O[0-3] in sys.mk, make.conf or environment.
Besides, you can't use `+=' on command line.

WITH_DEBUG in bsd.port.mk implies that all optimization from CFLAGS
should be erased. So, I'm not sure why you're ignoring DEBUG_FLAGS as

lang/lua in pkgsrc and openbsd ports remove vendor's `-O2' optimzation.
Many other freebsd ports do the same with any `-O2' or `-g' following
to Porter's Handbook.


And please, don't go closing the PR without waiting at least a few days
for submitter's response. It looks uncooperative.

> ===>  License check disabled, port has not defined LICENSE
> ===>  Extracting for lua-5.1.4_1
> => MD5 Checksum OK for lua-5.1.4.tar.gz.
> => SHA256 Checksum OK for lua-5.1.4.tar.gz.
> ===>  Patching for lua-5.1.4_1
> ===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for lua-5.1.4_1
> ===>   lua-5.1.4_1 depends on executable: pkg-config - found
> ===>  Configuring for lua-5.1.4_1
> ===>  Building for lua-5.1.4_1
> cd src && make freebsd
> make all MYCFLAGS="-DLUA_USE_LINUX" MYLIBS="-Wl,-E -lreadline"
> cc -O3 -pipe -c lapi.c
> cc -O3 -pipe -c lcode.c

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