math/blas linking to gfortran with LDADD?= -lgfortran

jhell jhell at
Wed Sep 1 06:30:40 UTC 2010

On 09/01/2010 01:41, b. f. wrote:
> On 9/1/10, jhell <jhell at> wrote:
>> On 09/01/2010 01:14, jhell wrote:
>>> On 09/01/2010 00:58, b. f. wrote:
>>>> No, it will still take effect, after the math/blas Makefile is parsed,
>>>> unless _WITHOUT_SRCCONF is defined.  See
>>> ports(7) pulls in src.conf ??? I hope I am not understanding this right...
>> No wonder why some of my ports are fricking ticking my counters with
>> ccache! (!@#!%#$%#@!$#%!@# !@#!$@#%@% @$#@$@%~#^@#^)
>> Now that I know I can burn that bridge right now by adding that to
>> make.conf in a .if (.CURDIR:M/usr/ports*)
> Well, that would be wise in any event, to minimize build pollution.
> But if you look in /usr/share/mk/, you will see that
> is typically only included after _WITHOUT_SRCCONF is
> defined. It is only exceptional cases where src.conf can have any
> effect in Ports.
> b.

So really then the only ultimate way to get around this if someone
needed it that bad would be make.conf with a .CURDIR:M for /usr/src/*
and pull in their own dynamically evil hidden defines.  Or creating
their own define that will not be referenced by anything in source or
ports. This is mind boggling in more ways than one but at least knowing
this now can save the heart ache in the future.

Personally I think were hitting a design bump in the road here that
raises concern of how is this going to look 5,10,15 years from now. This
seems a pretty apparent warning sign IMHO that something should be
forked from this now and work be done to separate the two and make a
simple strategic set of knobs that are well defined and minimal by
design ultimately easing the project and the cruft floating around the
pkg_install-NG debates.

I know these are a lot of things to handle all at once given the large
amount there is to work with but since these all of a sudden have been
coming out of the framework and becoming more and more apparent its time
to fix them permanently. If only I had the time and the money to sit
here all day I would be more than happy to take this on but
unfortunately I don't, at least for right now.

Thanks, Regards & Good Dreams,



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