pkg_add -r could be better?

Aragon Gouveia aragon at
Thu Oct 28 19:16:40 UTC 2010


I've recently started building custom packages and had hoped to consume 
them locally with 'pkg_add -r'.  In short, pkg_add breaks with many of 
the custom built packages with messages such as:

pkg_add: could not find package sqlite3-3.7.2 !
pkg_add: pkg_add of dependency 'nss-3.12.6_3' failed!

Upon investigation it looks like 'pkg_add -r' is highly dependent on 
@pkgdep entries being listed in an order such that dependencies without 
recursive dependencies come first and satisfy all recursive dependencies 
lower down.  No attempt is made to recursively fetch dependencies 
remotely so failure to list dependencies in the correct order results in 
pkg_add failing to find the package file to install.

For some reason my custom builds have @pkgdep entries added in an 
incorrect order.  They're all built using 'make package' in a standard 
ports infrastructure so I can't imagine why the difference, but let me 
not digress.

Anyone else aware of and annoyed with this behaviour of 'pkg_add -r'? 
Surely it should recursively fetch dependencies instead of relying on 
the ports infrastructure specially crafting packages?  I believe this 
answers another issue that was annoying me:

Are patches to fix pkg_add welcome, or is there a bigger picture I'm 


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