exception bash(and few plugins) of munin

Lupe Christoph lupe at lupe-christoph.de
Thu Oct 28 08:34:40 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, 2010-10-27 at 19:51:37 +0200, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> "Ilya A. Arhipov" <micro at heavennet.ru> writes:
> > Maybe exclude these plugins of Munin and bash:${PORTSDIR}/shells/bash
> > of Makefiles.  install bash, for these 5 plugins i think not correct,
> > old version don't have these plugins

There are five plugins that use "#!@@BASH@@" and one that uses
"#!/bin/bash". That one is only used to test multigraphs, so it is not
really important. But I believe it should be fixed in Munin 1.4.6.

> I don't see the problem.

The munin-node port has no DEPENDS for ports that are required for
plugins, e.g. Python, because that would pull in a lot of software the
user does not need because he will not use those plugins.

Generally, plugins tell you if they are missing something. This will of
course not work for interpreters needed to execute the plugin itself. I
don't know why revision 1.30 of the port Makefile added bash, but
presumably not for scripts that have a shebang of "#!/bin/bash"...

This leaves only munin-check apart from some plugins. Last time I looked,
munin-check did not work. Also, munin-check is part of the master,
not the node. So there does not seem to be a need to DEPEND on bash
for munin-node.

I will ask the Munin maintainers to do something about the

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