File ownership being changed to root:wheel ownership after copying to samba server

Troy troy at
Thu Oct 28 06:17:44 UTC 2010

A very strange problem just started happening with Samba after I 
upgraded to version samba34-3.4.9 on FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE.

Let's say my username is foobar.  I copy a file named To Fix.txt from a 
windows desktop machine to a samba share.

In the log it shows the following:

[2010/10/28 00:53:16,  2] lib/access.c:406(check_access)
   Allowed connection from (
[2010/10/28 00:53:24,  2] smbd/open.c:580(open_file)
   foobar opened file Working/To Fix.txt read=Yes write=Yes (numopen=2)
[2010/10/28 00:53:24,  2] smbd/close.c:612(close_normal_file)
   foobar closed file Working/To Fix.txt (numopen=1) NT_STATUS_OK

Then when I look at the owner:group of the file that was just copied it 

-rwxr-xr-x   1 root      wheel        1422 Oct 27 16:07 To Fix.txt*

I cannot figure out why the file is owned by root:wheel when it should 
be foobar:foobar.

Anyone have any ideas?


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