Virtualbox UI and remote X clients

Juergen Lock nox at
Tue Oct 26 20:14:55 UTC 2010

In article <081B8654-FD34-4062-BBE7-4171CBD5777E at> you write:
>On Oct 25, 2010, at 03:35 , Bernhard Froehlich wrote:
>> I think i've found the reason why it did not work. Please add
>> --disable-opengl and also add the attached patch.
>Unfortunately, this breaks at the install phase:
>cd: can't cd to
>*** Error code 2
>Looks like more digging is required.


 I just talked with Michael from the vbox team about this a bit and
he came up with another thing to try:  running VBboxManage etc with:

	-graphicssystem raster

It didn't work for me (lots of `Qt WARNING: X Error: BadShmSeg (invalid
shared segment parameter)' and pretty much empty windows), but he thought
it might still be worth a try for you...

 Good luck, :)

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