Matthias Andree mandree at FreeBSD.org
Tue Oct 26 12:19:41 UTC 2010

Am 26.10.2010 13:04, schrieb ajtiM:
> Hi!
> I am an Opera user but usually I installed it by myself because version in 
> ports for native Opera are old. For example there are version 10.61 and 
> outside is 10.63 and outisde is develpment version 10.70 which has a saved 
> problem with fonts but port version is 10.20?? (there is also alpha version 11 
> of Opera which works much better than 10.61 which we have in ports).
> My question is: does FreeBSD doesn't "like" Opera to much? In this case is 
> better to live choice to Opera users that installed the browser when and where 
> they wanted and quit porting it.

Questions as to the maintenance status of individual ports should be taken up
with the respective maintainer - you can always figure that out with "make
maintainer" in the ports's directory, and currently that is
freebsd-maintainer at opera.com for both www/opera and www/opera-devel.

If there are issues that the maintainer does not respond for extended amounts of
time, we can either reset the maintainer, hand the project to a new maintainer,
or commit non-maintainer updates.

Alternatively, you could try to enable Linux emulation (see the FreeBSD handbook
for details), and then use www/linux-opera, currently at release 10.63.
However, given it's based on the Fedora 10 Linux distribution which is no longer
maintained upstream and ships a vulnerable pango library according to VuXML,
this bears a share of problems of its own, from installation (overriding
vulnerability checks) to run-time use.

Matthias Andree

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