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I'm fully understand, that every version of Transmission (as every software)
has bugs.
But, different bugs annoying different users.
For example:
- 2.04 try to connect via IPv6 when IPv6 completely disabled, but 2.11 not
- Ticket #3329 (Connection problems when downloading) fixed
- Small file cache reduce HDD load (20-30% in my configuration!)

And result: Transmission 2.11 runs on my server 5 days without any issues.

May be better let user to choose not last release versions, but always allow
user to use last version?
For example, if you want, it's possible to create two (stable and
development) branches in ports tree.

Best regards, Vadim.

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2010/10/21 Вадим Петряев <vpetryaev at>:
> Hello!
> Transmission was two times released after version 2.04
> 10 October released 2.10 and 17 October released 2.11
> May be you need some help for port maintenance?
> As I understand, this port require only one patch changes - because
> libtransmission/fdlimit.c changed.

I am not commit the update yet. Transmission have a bad history of
release version that isn't stable enough as you can see they already
have 2.11 in a very short peroid. I am able to reproduce a few of
problems in 2.10 and 2.11. The 2.12 might be released sometimes soon
(just a guess), so I will see how it goes.


> Good luck, Vadim

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