GIMP 2.4 - better ui usability

Tomek CEDRO tomek.cedro at
Thu Oct 21 20:19:08 UTC 2010

I am really sick of idiotic GIMP 2.6 interface changes that destroys
my multi workspace work habits learned for over 10 years (mainly
related with menu available in toolbar). They want it to become more
photoshop alike. Maybe someone has similar feeling, so I thought maybe
its not that bad idea to create GIMP 2.4 port that keep all of the
nice features destroyed by a new design team in GIMP 2.6? I got
feeling that generally user interfacing is going wrong way nowadays -
take look at the language selector in windows 7 installer, or selling
laptops with no backup disk attached :-( I dont understand why they
put some new features in GIMP 2.6 with no option to have old still
available... imho this is regress not progress.

Would that port conflict in any way with current versions of gimp or
its external components?

Best regards,


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