freeradius2 port with e-dir

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Mon Oct 18 12:27:32 UTC 2010

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> John,
> Have you had any luck? I will be moving shortly to push the port
> version to 2.1.10 and would love to include these changes if they
> seem to work for you.
> Let me know!
> -r

Well, I can say that it doesn't break any current functionality that
we've been using. I unfortunately have been quite busy and haven't
gotten the chance to get this new server set up. However, we discovered
some issues with our LDAP setup that are posing a delay in getting my
test server running. I think I have most of them ironed out but have yet
to get to
test my FreeRADIUS install against e-dir.

I have a feeling the patches work, but can not currently back it up. I
can however say that my current config from my production server still
works on my test server with the patches, so it doesn't appear to be
breaking anything, at least, not anything that I use anyway.

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