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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Thu Oct 7 07:41:52 UTC 2010

Quoting Chris Forgeron <cforgeron at acsi.ca> (from Wed, 06 Oct 2010  
11:45:03 -0300):

> I'd like to step up and offer to modernize and maintain the ICC port  
> for FreeBSD.
> I may be crazy, specially as 9 is going towards Clang/LLVM. With  
> that move, there may be a lot of very talented people modifying the  
> build/make environment to work in a way that is even further removed  
> from ICC's working. Time will tell if this is viable or not.

Today I see more value in getting ICC to run for the HPC community  
than for the kernel/world. When I modified the kernel build  
infrastructure to be able to use icc, this was more to get more  
warning/error messages from the compiler, than for performance  
reasons. The warning/error messages part should now be covered by  
clang and coverity, so I do not see very much value in using icc for  
the kernel/world anymore.

> What I'm looking for is the previous port maintainer's email  
> address. I ran across it someplace, but can't find it now. He  
> mentioned having some contacts at Intel, as well as info on the  
> basic process and tips for the next person who may want to maintain.

My contact at Intel was specific to get an commercial icc license for  
FreeBSD. He did not had access to the icc sources or similar. I did  
feature requests via the normal support channel.

> I'm very interested in HPC, and I believe step one on this long road  
> for FreeBSD is an option to use a more optimized complier for Intel  
> platforms (which is all we use anyway).

When icc is done, the fortran compiler is not far away (at least there  
where people in the past which took the work for icc and applied it to  
the fortran compiler)...


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