security/openssh-portable maintainer

Chris chrcoluk at
Thu Oct 7 03:05:09 UTC 2010

Hi, I see this port has no maintainer now and is now out of date.  I
have attempted myself to update the port but have hit a number of

1 - some of the contrib patches dont exist for the new version of the
app. I assume support would need to be dropped t least emporarily on
an update.
2 - one of the freebsd patches in the files dir fails to patch, the
rest are reported as syccessful however when checking the files in the
work dir they are not patched.
3 - the hpn patch on the dev website is gzipped, the ports system
seems to assume a patch must be uncompressed when downloading?
4 - the hpn patch initially on the old version is just in the files
dir however I couldnt find a way to use -p1 with it, so I set it to
download as a dist patch but because of problem #3 I used my own
webspace to download a uncompressed patch.

What I am asking is, can someone please take over this port, my skill
set is not high enough to do it at least without some help.
Failing that can someone help me with the freebed patches in the files
dir to patch ok on openssh 5.6p1.


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