Anonymous swell.k at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 18:44:49 UTC 2010

David DEMELIER <demelier.david at gmail.com> writes:

> 2010/10/2 David O'Brien <obrien at freebsd.org>:
>> 4. When I build misc/mc-light and have "WITHOUT_NLS=yes" in
>> /etc/make.conf, why does the OPTIONS dialog offer me
>> "[X] NLS Enable gettext support" instead of defaulting the
>> dialog to unchecked?
> I agree with this inconsistency, I think with a little of work OPTIONS
> framework should be to follow KNOB to enable an option if it's already
> defined by the user. This would be great for people that use
> WITHOUT_GNOME, WITHOUT_X11 and so on. I think it's possible to do it.

I think Chris solved this one in the thread

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