Apache20 in amd64

Rodrigo OSORIO (ros) rodrigo at bebik.net
Tue Oct 5 11:27:59 UTC 2010


I found a compiler error building www/apache20 in the
amd64 arch. The error is located in the mod_ssl code where
the 'STACK' structure seems to be unknown. 
'STACK' is a basic data type defined in the native ssl api 
and the problem seems to be related to the struct visibility. 
Maybe a DEFINE problem .

The error message says :

  ssl_engine_init.c: In function
  ssl_engine_init.c:534: error: 'STACK'
  undeclared (first use in this function)

The most crappy workaround was to add the following line 
into the work/httpd-2.0.63/modules/ssl/mod_ssl.h file.  

  typedef struct stack_st STACK;

Before going deeper in my investigations I want to know if 
someone faces the same problems with this port. 



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