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2010/10/3 Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk>:
> On 03/10/2010 09:22:46, David DEMELIER wrote:
>>> 3. OPTIONS are limited to only checkbox YES/NO settings.
>>> > Why can I not set PREFIX thru the OPTIONS framework and have it come
>>> > from /var/db/ports/${PORTNAME}/options on the 2nd and later builds?
>>> > Even the boolean NOPORTDOCS isn't available thru OPTIONS.
>>> > Thus it is an inconsistent way to configure a port.
>>> >
>> I agree. As I said in 4, OPTIONS should follow the defined knob in
>> make.conf. But for not boolean knobs there is something we can also
>> do, spawn a little textbox to define an option with a string. Example
>> :
>> [X] WITH_X foo bar
>> [ ] WITH_Y foo bar baz
>> [fr_FR en_GB] LANGS to be build
>> Here pressing enter on LANGS would spawn a little textbox that can be
>> fulfilled by the user. The little problem is how to tell to OPTIONS
>> that it's not a boolean entry.
> And the rest?  Pursuing this idea through to its logical conclusion,
> you'ld end up implementing radio buttons, text entry boxes, drop down
> lists -- all the normal bits used in html forms.

Don't you like this? sysinstall was made with dialog. And radiobuttons
could be used to choose a group of options yes, for example when you
only need to choose one option in three available choices, then BROKEN
lines could be removed :-)

> In fact, you might just as well write a small HTML form, display it
> using lynx or w3c or some other text mode browser[*], and then have the
> form action feed into a CGI program that outputs a small Makefile with
> appropriate variable definitions in it.

I don't want something complex, checkbox, textbox, radiobuttons is enough.

> Hmmm... doesn't address David's point about options dialogs not showing
> pre-existing options settings, but it should be simple enough to have a
> 'Use default settings' check box.
>        Cheers,
>        Matthew
> [*] Or FF if you really must.
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