package generation on FreeBSD ftp server

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at
Fri Oct 1 06:17:34 UTC 2010

I have a question about packages at .

They are automatically generated from time to time. I understand that 
this depends on computing capacities on the server farm etc. So some 
packages are relatively new, some are older and some are missing...

For example, for math/saga there had been a package saga-2.0.4_4.tbz for 
some time. After updating SAGA GIS to version 2.0.5 there is no package 
any more.

There was an error on building math/saga in first half of september, see

This was corected and the new SAGA GIS version has to differentiate 
between i386 and amd64 because of dependency libiodbc (patch problem).

Does this prevent from automatic package generation?

I would be happy if someone could give an explaination on this.

Thanks in advance,
Rainer Hurling

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