Ports - installation & upgrade history

David Southwell david at vizion2000.net
Tue Nov 30 18:58:44 UTC 2010

> On Nov 30, 2010, at 10:41 AM, David Southwell wrote:
> > I was thinking of something which is far more comprehensive and
> > systematic. Whilst installed options are obtained by examining
> > /var/db/ports the files do not do not provide the detailed historical
> > information which I envisage.
> Correct.  Unless you've taken good backups, nothing else currently
> preserves all of the historical information you envision, but you can at
> least get some of the requested info just out of the current filesystem.
> > The freshports/freebsd sites will tell us when the distributed ports tree
> > was changed but does not provide a historical record of changes to the
> > local ports tree.
> Also correct.  Again, short of having periodic backups made at sufficiently
> rapid intervals, there is no way to track that information over time.
> Regards,
Seems to me that a comprehensive record would be extremely useful on a local 
system. I am wondering how difficult it might be to collect data from 
applications such as: 
cvsup of ports tree
changes to /var/db/ports
changes to /usr/ports/distfiles

The results could be held in a mysql database.


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