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> On 11/29/2010 06:24, Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Am 28.11.2010 22:12, schrieb Goran Tal:
> >> Now that the base system supports xz compression, it should be
> >> used as the default compression for packages.
> >>
> >> Files compressed with xz are smaller and decompress faster than
> >> those compressed with bzip2. This can make an installation much
> >> quicker, especially when the complete system is installed or
> >> upgraded.
> >>
> >> Any reasons against it?
> > 
> > xz compressed files can take up CONSIDERABLY more memory to
> > decompress than files compressed with bzip2 or gzip.  Keep that in
> > mind so that systems that are low on memory can still decompress xz
> > packages.  If you don't fit into RAM for decompression, it will be
> > unusable.
> Adding to this, as the manual says... The decompressing host will need
> to have at minimal 5% -> 20% of memory 'available' for decompression
> of what the compressing host had. Seeing as FreeBSD still runs on
> systems with memory as little as 200MB "~20% of 1024MB" and quite
> possible to run on systems with memory of 64MB "~5% of 1024MB" I
> would not see any benefit in modifying the default memory limit on a
> compressing host to accommodate for these system rather than using
> gzip(1) or bzip2(1) by default.
> It would be nice to support xz(1) compression for large selective
> packages like firefox or openoffice as those will never run on smaller
> systems.

Trouble is it ain't no way (CPU, space, banhdwidth on our side and
space,bandwidth on our mirrors side) we could build a double set of

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