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Goran Tal <goran.tal at> wrote:

> Now that the base system supports xz compression, it should be used as
> the default compression for packages.
> Files compressed with xz are smaller and decompress faster than those
> compressed with bzip2. This can make an installation much quicker,
> especially when the complete system is installed or upgraded.
> Any reasons against it?

Sigh. We enabled that in HEAD, and after some testing and adapting
{base_OS, ports, tools, etc.} to support that, it will probably become
the default.

One thing against it is the major increase in package time (up to 6x,
but by no means this is a show-stopper).
Resulting packages would be, in medium about 30% smaller (in medium,
for some kinds of data the size is the same as for gzip).

So no, there's no reason against it, just some time is need to adapt

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